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Campaign Dashboard

  • Access live engagement and reach metrics for both paid and organic posts, including buzzwords, sentiment analysis, and creator campaign engagement share.

  • Analyse real-time data to track the effectiveness and reach of your campaign content.


Creator Performance

  • Evaluate key metrics like Cost Per Engagement (CPE), Cost per View, and Engagement Rate to identify high-impact influencers and optimize budget allocation.

  • Obtain detailed performance statistics for individual posts, including views on YouTube shorts and impressions on Instagram reels, to pinpoint top-performing content.


Generate Reports

  • Effortlessly create and share customised campaign reports to monitor influencer sales impact and enhance marketing strategies.

  • Assess the overall success of your marketing funnel to fine-tune and amplify your influencer marketing efforts.


Campaign Performance Snapshot

  • Utilise detailed performance indicators to track and analyse complete campaign results, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your campaign's effectiveness.
  • Enhance campaign insights by filtering through specific hashtags, and integrating metrics from various content types like Instagram Stories to monitor ROI effectively.
  • Gain an all-encompassing view of campaign outcomes, merging all relevant social media metrics for a complete performance analysis from start to finish.
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Customised Report Creation

  • Create tailored reports that align with your unique requirements, offering flexible formats such as Excel and PDF, and distinguishing between paid and organic campaign insights.
  • Obtain daily updates on campaign metrics like impressions and interactions, with customisation options for specific date ranges to align with your reporting needs.
  • Enhance decision-making by analysing differentiated results between paid and organic efforts, enabling a more strategic approach to campaign management.
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Comprehensive Sales Analysis

  • Monitor sales growth and evaluate the specific contributions of individual influencers, facilitating a clear understanding of influencer impact on sales.
  • Implement unique coupon codes for each influencer to precisely track sales contributions, alongside executing coupon promotions and product seeding strategies.
  • Identify and focus on top-performing influencers, optimising your investment to maximise returns and streamline your influencer marketing strategy for better sales outcomes.
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